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Project Implementation of EU Agenda for Adult Education

Project Implementation of EU Agenda for Adult Education 2017-2019 - Second workshop

Second Workshop within the project Implementation of EU Agenda for Adult Education 2017-2019 was held at the LifeClass Terme Hotel in St. Martin on Muri on May 17 and 18, 2018.

The two-day workshop was attended by moderators, appointed advisors from the Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education, representatives of the Ministry of Science and Education, appointed professors of mathematics, informatics and Croatian language and external associate, research manager who will be involved in the project examining the level of digital competences of adult learners.

The workshop was held under the guidance of PhD Tihomir Žiljak.

At the beginning of the workshop participants were introduced to the goals, implementation and the results of the implementation of the Agenda for Adult Education and the expected results of the workshop. The aim of the workshop was to get acquainted with newer researches on strengthening basic adult skills, summarizing the results and experiences from a study visit to Ireland, connecting the model of the Andragogy cycle with curriculum development, developing the structure of the curriculum and introducing participants with the basic features of reading literacy, ways of their checking/verification and expected learning outcomes.

At the workshop was suggested that the next coordination meeting would take place at the end of May, or early June and the third workshop is envisaged for the beginning of September 2018.