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Project Implementation

Project Implementation of the EU Agenda for Adult Education – the third workshop

The third workshop within the project Implementation of the EU Agenda for Adult Education took place on 5 and 6 July 2017 at the Public Open University Zagreb.
The two-day workshop was attended by the members of the project team, coordinating groups of the project, moderators, appointed advisors from the Education and Teacher Training Agency, as well as the Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education, representatives of the institutions for adult education, Community institutions for adult education in Osijek, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Science and Education.
Radionica je održana pod vodstvom doc. dr. sc. Tihomira Žiljka, doc. dr. sc. Višnje Rajić i dr. sc. Gorana Lapata.
At the beginning of the workshop the participants were presented an overview of the activities related to the previously held workshops, the work plan of the current workshop, as well as the activities till the end of October.
The participants discussed the content of the final document that will provide gudelines for the development of the appropriate modules for elementary adult education in the Republic of Croatia.
Also, all participants were informed about the upcoming activities.
The fourth workshop will be held on 14 and15 September 2017 in Zadar.

Photo gallery from workshop