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Project Implementation of the EU Agenda

Project Implementation of the EU Agenda for Adult Learning 2017 - 2019 – third workshop.

Third workshop as part of the project of Implementation of the EU Agenda for Adult Learning 2017 - 2019 was held at the hotel Frankopan in Ogulin from 12 to 14 September 2018.

The three-day workshop was attended by moderators, experts from the Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education and the Education and Teacher Training Agency for, representatives of the Ministry of Science and Education, as well as appointed teachers of mathematics and Croatian language. The workshop was held under the direction of doc. Ph. D. Tihomir Žiljak.

The workshop is a continuation of activities on the development of the curriculum of basic skills for adults (literacy, numeracy and digital literacy). In Ogulin has been finished draft of the curriculum for strengthening the reading literacy of adults. This curriculum is intended for adult learners who are in need of acquiring basic communicative competences required for everyday life, professional and educational situations (continuing education). The objectives, expected outcomes, contents and activities of reading literacy curriculum are aligned and integrated with the objectives, expected outcomes, contents and activities of mathematical and digital literacy. The relationship of these three literacy runs throughout the entire process of making the curriculum. Therefore, in Ogulin has already begun the process of developing numeracy curriculum, which shall be continued at the next workshop.

The next workshop will address the mathematical literacy of adults and tackle the connection of numeracy and literacy troubleshooting in complex technological environments, namely the digital literacy. In this way, the Ministry of Science and Education is efficiently and effectively working on an important area of preparing the programs for strengthening the basic skills of adults.

Workshop participants visited the Public Open University in Ogulin, where they were welcomed by Deputy Mayor Ivana Salopek Šumonja and director of the Open University in Ogulin associates. Cooperation of working group with local providers of adult education is essential, because the quality and efficiency of the implementation of the curriculum shall depend on adult education institutions and their experts. This workshop was an opportunity for participants to thank the colleague Marija Marcelić, who is retiring, for the successful cooperation and help in the work on this and previous projects.